No matter what your story is, Glow Fertility will have something to help support you on your journey

From working on improving your emotional health, your physical reproductive health, boosting your fertility naturally, or support during your assisted conception journey; Hypnotherapy, EFT, Mindfulness, Guided Meditations may be just the tools you need to help you to increase your chances of having a stress free and successful journey through parenthood.

There is no doubt that going through this journey without fear, stress or anxiety is going to help you, and your relationships.

For those wishing to keep track of their fertile body, and take back control of natural contraception, we can help you find a way that works for you.

Support during pregnancy, birth and during the post-natal period is a crucial need for so many. Often (but not always) secondary infertility appears to be a symptom following a traumatic birth; or just the anxiety about birth can cause people to be reluctant to go there again. This need not be the case. Birth trauma can be eased.

As a mother to four daughters, and surrogate mother to two more daughters to another mother, Jay has personally walked the path of natural fertility as well assisted conception.